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Oxen is a film production studio reigning in Tampa, FL—teaming up with people and brands that live and work with quality, creativity, and passion. We focus on intentional and innovative ways to craft compelling visual stories through production for the masses.

With over 15 years of combined creative and production experience, our focus lies heavily on working with brands and agencies to create visual and moving content for the digital world.


We put emotion first and thrive on telling impactful stories. The goal of finding a narrative between your brand and the viewer is what gets us up in the morning.

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We’re most comfortable at the edge of tomorrow. Embracing cutting edge solutions available to filmmakers with the goal of telling your story in new and exciting ways.

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We are storytellers and it’s in the edit phase that we take those beautiful images and help bring them to life with one goal in mind. To move you.

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We offer clients a full spectrum of finishing services including color grading, sound design and mix, custom scoring and 4K conform. We’re able to assist you from concept through delivery.

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Lace Up For Lacey

We recently had the opportunity to work with our friends over at 22squared to produce a 30 second ad for a Shoe Carnival campaign. The campaign is called Honor Laces and is an effort to fight back against pediatric cancer.

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Our Top Super Bowl Picks

While this some of this year’s Super Bowl ads were… just weird (we’re looking at you puppymonkeybaby) there were a few worth mentioning. We’ve marinated on them for a few days and have come up with our top five ads from Sunday’s game.

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Island Shooting in St. Thomas

We just completed a week long shoot down in St. Thomas, I know super dumpy gig. In this post I’ll discuss what gear we took, how we shot and any complications we may have encountered.

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Choosing Our Lenses: PrimeCircle XM

When it came to deciding what lens package to invest into there were several factors that came into play. Naturally the most obvious was cost followed by speed, build quality and compatibility.

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