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Americans spend about nine and a half hours per day consuming media by watching television, using apps on their smartphones, listening to the radio, and browsing the Internet. Of these nine and a half hours, media consumers are currently spending two hours of everyday on social media. This number is up by a full 15 minutes from 2012 and is set to continuing rising over the next few years.




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What was once used as a platform to solely make sales, has since evolved into part of the brand experience itself. The voice of a company is its brand, and social media gives business owners and marketers alike, the opportunity to receive immediate feedback from consumers.

Instagram officially launched their Business Tools feature in 2016. These “tools” work similarly to those of Facebook Insights and Twitter analytics. The point of these aids, is to help brands see social media trends and cater their content to enhance consumer engagement and meet their needs.

In 2015, mobile media consumption surpassed online consumption for by more than 100 million daily users. That’s 1.6 billion likes and 20 billion shared photos per day. With 42% of millennials using smartphones, they spend about 440 minutes per month staring at the screens in their hands. So, if the point of marketing is to inspire a change in the actions of a consumer, then brands need to be engaging with them where they’re spending their time.


Forrester Research recently conducted a study that found that Instagram users are 58 times more likely to engage with a brand’s post by liking, commenting, or sharing, than both Facebook and Twitter users. As Instagram continues to update features and add tools, consumers are starting to move towards spending more time on Instagram and less time on Facebook and Twitter.

Engagement on the platform is due to the consumer’s craving to share visually, their stories and experiences.  Visual content on Instagram is easier to share, comprehend, and is more universal than any ad or 500-word article. Users and marketers alike consider visual storytelling through the platform an art form. And the ability to start conversations through your visual content is an invaluable skill.

Regardless of your industry, it is vital to create alluring campaigns that are aimed at your target audience. While crafting Instagram content can be difficult, visual imagery is the key to sharing a brand’s story. That’s where we come in.

As the digital world evolves and consumers jump onto social media platforms at increasingly high rates, Oxen wants to help bridge the gap between brands and their audiences. We want to take advantage of the social media space where people are spending a majority of their time. On their phones and specifically Instagram.


When we initially sat down and laid out the concept of this campaign, we wanted to hit Instagram’s most active user base, millennials. A staggering 73% of Instagram users are between the ages of 15 and 35. A study funded by Facebook, discovered that millennials check Instagram at home (69%), before going to bed (39%), and as soon as they wake up (33%). This shows us that the mobile app is garnering user’s attention at all times of the day.

We chose a brand such as H&M based on it’s reach and popularity with millennials. We chose denim specifically, due the timelessness and classic quality of a good pair of jeans. Denim is one of the few trends that never goes out of style. It’s constantly evolving to fit the times and still recycles trends from decades ago, making them relevant in the modern day. You can take a single pair of jeans and dress them up, dress them down, and create a look that’s entirely your own.

There’s a lot of room for diversity and freedom with denim. Regardless of music preference, taste in movies, or chosen aesthetic, everyone has a favorite pair of jeans that simultaneously makes them feel comfortable and confident and we felt like that’s something to showcase.

It’s important for brands to find a role in helping the youth, and people of all age brackets, transition through growth and change.  Crafting content and campaigns that set your brand up as a source for inspiration, information, and even validation, makes your online presence valuable to consumers. We feel that it’s important for a brand such as H&M to showcase a variety of looks, styles, and personas. A fast-fashion brand like H&M benefits from empowering it’s consumers to be themselves and feel confident in their skin.

It’s our goal to continue to push branded content that adds consumer value to a company’s social media pages and we want to help brands create a space online that encourages viewers to come back to their page again and again, because the content is just that good. We aim to make it possible for companies to reach their targeted audiences in a way that encourages them to feel connected to their brand on a personal level.

We are so excited to launch into the rest of 2017 with these kinds of projects and campaigns at the forefront of our minds. As brands continue to evolve their online presence to meet the needs and desires of consumers, it’s our goal to be there to provide shareable content that both engages and inspires action. Here’s to giving consumers the content they crave on the platforms they escape to.

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